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We are a london based community mental health charity providing psychoanalytic psychotherapy for adults. Our service is available to people from all backgrounds. We offer free service to those who cannot afford to pay.  We charge fees on a sliding scale according to peoples income and personal circumstances.  Individuals may refer themselves directly to us.  Referrals can also be made by GP's, Social Workers, hospitals, voluntary organisations, etc.

Those who come to us have a variety of emotional difficulties, for example; relationship problems, depression, social isolation, eating disorders, anxiety or panic attacks.


CPU was originally set up in 1969 with the co-operation of Voluntary Action Camden (VAC), Camden Council for Voluntary Service and the London Borough of Camden.

It soon became established as a specialist service in the provision of psychoanalytic psychotherapy.CPU has been an independent charity since November 2005.

For 42 years we were able to offer free psychotherapy to all due to financial support from local government and the NHS.  This funding was recently withdrawn in December 2011 and as a result CPU has been forced to reconsider it's funding base. In addition to the free service to those who can't afford to pay, CPU has introduced a fee charging service based on people's ability to pay, dependent on their income.

Since our inception in 1969, our aim has always been to offer psychotherapy to all those who need help.  We continue to strive to make psychotherapy accessible to everybody who needs it.


about her new book 'The Fog of Peace'

Sunday 22nd June at 3pm
he Tricycle Cinema, 269 Kilburn High Road, London NW6 7JR

Gabrielle Rifkind is a psychotherapist and author, Director of the Middle East programme at Oxford Research Group. She is a group analyst and specialist in conflict resolution. Rifkind combines in-depth political and psychological expertise with many years’ experience in promoting serious analysis and dialogue behind the scenes, particularly on Iran and the Israel – Palestine conflict.

Lord Alderdice is a psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, academic and politician. Until very recently he was Convenor of the Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords. He has applied his psychological understanding to political conflict resolution extensively, including in Northern Ireland as a negotiator of the 1998 Belfast Agreement.

‘The Fog of Peace: The Human Face of Conflict Resolution’ offers a fascinating insight into the psychological theories, geopolitical realities and first-hand experience of peacemaking. The authors suggest that, since individuals not institutions make peace or war, understanding what motivates people, groups and communities is the most important precursor to conflict resolution.

“In war there is rarely a single action or answer that will bring peace.” Rifkind

“Fascinating, revelatory and insightful” Baroness Helena Kennedy QC


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