CPU offers psychoanalytic psychotherapy to anybody who is concerned about their emotional difficulties and either seeks psychotherapy for themselves or is looking for professional help to get a better understanding as to what kind of psychological help would be best for them.

We aim to provide comprehensive, specialist consultations and short and long term psychotherapy. Individuals may refer themselves to us directly.  Referrals can also be made by GP's, Social Workers, Local hospitals, voluntary organisations, etc.  We offer a free service to those who can not afford to pay.  We charge fees on a sliding scale according to people's income and personal circumstances.


The consultation offers an opportunity to think together with a psychotherapist about your difficulties and about what kind of ongoing help, if any, might be needed. The consultation may consist of more than one meeting and may lead to therapeutic help at CPU or to a recommendation to other sources of help.

These meetings give an opportunity to get a better understanding of what psychotherapy entails and whether this type of experience will be helpful to you.

Individual psychotherapy:

Psychotherapy at CPU may be one possible outcome of the consultation process. We offer once weekly psychotherapy. Psychotherapy offers an opportunity to think together with a psychotherapist about the difficulties in more depth, on a regular basis, over a period of time.
Short and long-term therapy:

Short-term therapy could consist of 3 months, 6 months or up to a year and long-term therapy up to 2 years or more as appropriate.

(Interpersonal psychotherapy) is a time limited form of psychotherapy that focuses on the treatment of depression. It is delivered over 16 weekly sessions
Group therapy:

Another possible outcome of the consultation would be to join a therapy group. The group meets regularly once a week for one and a half hours and is open ended. The group may provide a safe place to explore one’s problems in relation to others.



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